A $50,000 Scholarship You Can Win

Some months ago, I tried calculating how much the Swedish Institute Scholarship for Global Professionals was worth. I mean, I knew this scholarship covers full tuition fees, monthly allowances and travel grant.

But, I wanted to have an idea of how much the Swedish government invests in each scholarship holder across different Swedish universities.

After my analysis, I discovered that, the scholarship is worth averagely $50,000 for a 2 year Master’s programme for each scholarship holder.

Let me break down how I arrived at that number.

When you win the Swedish Institute Scholarship, you get a travel grant of SEK 15,000 for transportation to Sweden. (I got this within one month of my arrival in Sweden in 2017)…

…You get SEK 10,000 per month as monthly allowance for 21 months (2-year Master’s programme) or 10 months (1-year Master’s programme)…

For a 2-year Master’s programme, you would have received a total of SEK 210,000 in monthly allowances by the end of your programme..

…And then, your full tuition fees will be paid to your university. For my Master’s programme, the tuition fee was SEK 252,000 for the 2 years.

Now, add SEK 15,000, SEK 210,000 and SEK 252,000…What do you get?

SEK 477,000…which is about $50,000 in US Dollars.

Obviously, this will be less for a 1 year Master’s programme because then, it will only cover tuition fees and allowances for 1 year.

But, look at that number again.

50,000 US Dollars. That’s 18 million naira, 283,000 Ghanaian cedis…. I mean I can go on and on in different currencies but I’m sure you already understand how huge this opportunity is.

How much are you willing to do to win this life-changing opportunity?

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