How To Win A Full Master's Scholarship In Sweden By YOURSELF, Without Paying Any Agent Fees, Without First Class And Without IELTS!

Group picture with other scholarship holders from across Sweden at the 2019 Diploma ceremony for graduating scholarship holders. I'm the one in front row, with glasses, beside the lady in red jacket. In Sweden, a certificate is referred to as a diploma.

What You'll Learn In The 5 DAY Email Course:

  • [Lesson 1]: Benefits of The Scholarship
  • [Lesson 2]: The Two Most Important Websites For The Scholarship
  • [Lesson 3]: Requirements For Admission
  • [Lesson 4]: Requirements For The Scholarship
  • [Lesson 5]: How To Select The Right Master's Programme

Each lesson will be sent to you everyday for 5 DAYS.

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What Past Students of This EMAIL COURSE Are Saying:

Others just like you have started out skeptical, only to find that the 5 DAY EMAIL COURSE made a real difference for them. Here's what some of our subscribers say about how the EMAIL COURSE has helped them:

I consistently received your emails last year and I learnt a lot from them. Even the decision to apply for the scholarship was influenced by you to a large extent. You answered my questions on email and I believe following the advise that you offered me from the beginning including but not limited to studying the websites carefully was extremely helpful. This was my first time to apply for the scholarship and I got awarded! Your mentorship has been amazing, well-structured and systematic.

Susan, from Kenya

(Now at Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden)

You've done more than enough for me. I never heard of the scholarship until I visited your Facebook page and you guided me through the application process. You know,  yesterday I was going through my mails with you since November 2018, and I was like, Thank God for sending this young man my way.

Chike, from Nigeria

(Now at University of Gothenburg, Sweden)

Mobolaji played a very a big role in the success of my application given the fact that I had tried twice and not succeeded. He made the process a lot easier, however it is only easy when you follow instructions, do the assignments he gives and by being proactive.

Winnie, from Uganda

(Umeå University, Umeå, Sweden)

The year 2020 was my second time of applying for the SI scholarship and lo and behold, I was selected.
I was among the 329 applicants (with 17 being Ghanaians) selected out of the over 6,640 applicants. Look, here I am with my belief that I can fly.

Mobolaji Folorunso's coaching really helped me; it was an eye opener. 

Moses, from Ghana

(Swedish Agricultural University,

Uppsala, Sweden)

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