Frequently Asked Questions

I have an OND/HND. Can I apply for the scholarship?​​​​​

I finished with second class lower/third class. Can I win the scholarship?

Does the scholarship also cover PhD studies and How do I apply for PhD in Sweden?

What's the difference between Spring and Autumn application period, and can I apply for the Spring admission round?

How much is the application fee?

I just finished my Bachelor's studies and I want to know if I can apply for the scholarship straight away?

Can I apply for a Master's programme that is not related to my Bachelor's degree?

I have a spouse and children. Will the scholarship cover my family? Can I come to Sweden with my family?

I want to study in Sweden without scholarship. How much in total will it cost me?

What Master's programmes can I apply for?

You said that I don't need IELTS or TOEFL, but I checked the admissions website and discovered that it's needed. What can I do?

How do I convert my grades to ECTS?

How many reference letters do I need for admission?

How certain is it for me to get a job in Sweden after studies?

How certain is it for me to get a job in Sweden after studies?

Can I make changes to my application even after paying the application fee and submitting it?

What are selection groups?

Since we can select a maximum of four Master's programmes, am I to pay 900 SEK for each of them or just one 900SEK covers them all?

Can I choose the courses from the different Universities or only one University?

Is the scholarship only for BSc holders?

Is an international passport required to apply for the scholarship?

How much is air ticket to Sweden?

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