How To Win The DAAD Scholarship For Master’s Studies In Germany

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So, yesterday, after our webinar on the DAAD Scholarship for Master’s studies in Germany with Great Udochi, I discovered that I had made an unbelievable and what I believe should be an unforgivable mistake.

I forgot to tick the option to record the webinar.

Can you just believe that?

Exactly, it’s unbelievable. How on earth could I forget to do that?

So, I’m going to try and appeal for your forgiveness in this article by doing a recap of what was discussed during the webinar.

I’ll also share with you the presentation slides used and all other documents that Great was magnanimous to share with me.

As much as I’d love to have been enough to atone for my “sin”, the recorded video would have been better.

Nevertheless, here we go with the recap.

Even though the DAAD Scholarship is also available for PhD studies in Germany, we only discussed about the DAAD Scholarship for Master’s studies in Germany.

Under the scholarship scheme, there are different Master’s programmes that are funded under TWO distinct programmes.

There is the Helmut-Schmidt-Programme (Public Policy and Good Governance, PPGG), focused mainly on Master’s programmes that promote democracy and social policy.

Then, there are the Development-Related Postgraduate Courses (EPOS), which are mainly focused on development-related postgraduate courses at selected universities in Germany.

So, you’ll find courses on public policy and governance under the PPGG programmes, and health, science and applied science courses under the EPOS programme.

The PPGG applications usually start in June 1st and end July 31st every year, while the EPOS applications start in September/October.

In these slides, Great expounded more on what the scholarship is about and how you can apply for it and win it.

This document provides details about each Master’s course funded under the PPGG programme, while this document highlights the benefits of winning the DAAD PPGG Scholarship.

Work experience is a requirement for the PPGG courses. Great noted that he graduated with Second Class Upper grade, so, if you didn’t finish with First Class, you still have a good chance of winning the scholarship.

Great advised candidates with HND to contact each university to confirm their eligibility for the Master’s programmes they’re interested in.

Great got the scholarship for a PPGG course, so He only was able to talk extensively about the PPGG programme. If you are interested in the EPOS courses instead, the EPOS website should be helpful with detailed information.

As much as we try to help with information from our individual experiences of applying for these scholarships, we also advise candidates to do their own study and research before applying for the scholarships.

The applications for the PPGG courses start on June 1, 2020, and we hope that these resources we’ve been able to share with you will be helpful.


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