Learn & Win Quiz Contest

  • The June edition of the Learn & Win Quiz will be hosted on an online quiz platform (Mentimeter) on the last Saturday of this month, June 26, 8:00pm (Nigeria time), 7:00pm (Ghana time), 7:00 (GMT).
  • All participants will be sent a link to the quiz and the Quiz Code before the quiz starts.
  • You can join the quiz through the Mentimeter website, or better still, through the Mentimeter mobile app. For a better experience, you should download the Mentimeter app from your app store. You'll be given the code for the quiz on the Quiz Day.
  • The quiz starts at the same time for every participant. The host controls when the quiz starts.
  • All participants have to answer 5 multiple-choice questions about the SI Scholarship application process.
  • Every correct answer is awarded points. Points gained vary on whether the answer provided is correct, AND how fast the question is answered. The faster you answer the question, the more points you gain. So, if 2 participants give a correct answer to a question, but one answered it faster, the faster participant gains more points than the slower participant.
  • Each participant has 20 seconds to answer each question.
  • After each question, a scoreboard that reveals leading participants is shown to every participant.
  • At the end of the quiz, the winner is announced. The first prize is payment of your application fee of SEK 900..
  • The winner's name and email address is registered.
  • A  winner of the quiz for a month cannot participate in subsequent months' challenges. This is to leave room for other participants.


Payment of your SEK 900 application fee for you

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