ATTENTION: University Graduates With At Least 1-Year Work Experience!

The Top 2 Reasons Applicants Lose This ₦20 million-valued Scholarship

Watch out especially for these TWO MISTAKES that have denied hundreds of qualified candidates this scholarship in the past!

Mobolaji Folorunso,

Stockholm, Sweden

"Unfortunately, after consideration of your application, we are unable to offer you admission into your programme of choice"

This might be the message you'll receive if you do not watch out for these TWO mistakes.

The total value of the Swedish Institute Scholarship (tuition fees, monthly allowances) for a 2-year Master's programme in Sweden is about....


That's equivalent to...

₦20 million or GHC 286,000

How did I come about this value?

I'm talking from experience, because I won this scholarship in 2017 and graduated in 2019 with a Master's degree fully sponsored by the Swedish government.

I'm the one in glasses in the front row. This picture was taken at the Swedish Institute (SI) ceremony for graduating SI Scholarship holders in Sweden. Sometimes, a degree certificate is called a diploma in Sweden.

Imagine losing this $50,000 scholarship just because you were too busy to dedicate 5 mins to read this article.

You might have invested so much time and resources into applying for admission and scholarship in the past that you're even already tired.

The only reason you decided to even read this is because you just want to give it one more try.

Then, because you saw that there are many great benefits that winning this scholarship will add to the quality of your life and career, you decided to give Sweden a try.

You submitted your application.

And few weeks later....


Same story.

You lost it!

Money and time wasted!

Just like before.

Since I won the scholarship in 2017, I've been coaching applicants on how to win this same scholarship....

And I've seen members of our coaching classes winning the scholarship, while some others lose it.

The Top 2 Reasons I've observed that makes candidates lose the scholarship after their hard work of applying for it include:

  • Preparing late
  • Submitting applications that do not follow the instructions of the scholarship

How do these 2 affect your application?

Let's start with the first one.....

  • Preparing late

The trick to success in applications for studies abroad is understanding the requirements and providing the requirements. 

You see that "understanding" part is the most crucial step. 

Because if you misunderstand what the requirements are, it means you'll be submitting the wrong required documents.

Before even taking the first step in your application, you've gotten it all wrong!

You see how starting your preparations late can hurt you in ways you cannot imagine.

So, what are those things you need to do to start preparing early?

I'll address this shortly....

Now, let's look at the second reason applicants lose this scholarship.....

  • Submitting applications that do not follow the instructions of the scholarship

When you start your preparations late, and try to rush your application, you miss out on a lot of vital, crucial information...

You miss little details in the instructions that if you do not follow would entirely derail your application.

You do not want to experience the heartbreak of losing something as valuable as this scholarship to little minute details.

For example: the required documents for this scholarship include a motivation letter, a CV, proof of work/leadership experience and reference letter.

And the Swedish Institute provides templates that must be filled to apply for the scholarship.

There are specific instructions that must be followed in filling these templates.

Instructions about who to fill, how to sign, how many stamps are required...

If your documents are not signed and stamped appropriately, that's automatic disqualification.

So, how do you avoid falling into these mistakes?

Or let me ask the question in another way.....

When you wanted to write WAEC and JAMB, what steps did you take to succeed?

If you were like me, I guess you did the following:

  • You started preparing early, maybe even from when you were in SSS2 or SHS2.
  • You studied past questions and answers.
  • You joined a coaching class taught by experienced tutors.

See, those are the exact same steps you should take when applying for this scholarship.

Taiwo, was a member of our 2020 class. See what he said about starting early:

"What I've learnt from all these is, when applying for ANY Scholarship, one has to prepare one full year in advance because anything can go wrong."

That's what someone who applied in the last application said you should do.

Someone else I follow on social media, who has the experience of applying and winning a scholarship abroad also said:

You see how serious applicants prepare for scholarship applications?

Don't be left out!

Over 9000 people applied for the Swedish Institute scholarship in the last application.

The next application will definitely attract more applicants.

How do you beat them?


The Scholars.Africa 2021 Scholarship Prep Class

This is an intensive preparatory class of group coaching callsonline support groupinstructional materials designed to equip you with all the skills and resources you need to present a strong application for the $50,000-Valued Swedish Institute Scholarship.

The next Autumn admission application starts in October, and the scholarship application usually follows after in February.

So, why are we starting this class now when the application is still in October?

Because you might lose the scholarship if you start preparing late!

How much is the scholarship sef? Is it worth it?

I'll shortly give you facts about the scholarship, how much it's worth and how much value studying in Sweden can add to your life.

At the end, I'll leave you to make the conclusion yourself whether committing fully to this is worth it at the the end of the day.

  • The scholarship covers full tuition fees, monthly allowances, health insurance and travel grant from your country. The total value of the scholarship is about $50,000 for a 2-year Master's programme. 
  • Studying here in Sweden will help improve your value in the job market and hence, make more money you'll ever be making in your country. The average monthly salary in Sweden is SEK 30,000. That's equivalent to ₦1.2million/GhC18,000 every month. Now, compare that with what you earn at the moment. And how long will it take you in your career to get to a point where you can earn ₦1.2million/GhC18,000 every month? Truly, the cost of living in Sweden is higher, but, I currently live and work in Sweden, and I know you can successfully save at least 30% (₦360,000/GhC5,900) of your monthly salary after all expenses, and end up with ₦4.8 million/GhC70,900 sitting pretty in your bank account at the end of the year.
  • True to your imagination, living in Sweden is way way way more fulfilling and comfortable than living in Nigeria, or Ghana. I love my country, but I'll never sacrifice a good life for blind patriotism. I don't know about you o. If I get an opportunity to have constant 24/7 electricity, fast and dependable internet, leaders that respect their citizens, my tax is working, security is guaranteed, it's so safe I can go about in the night, the police is not out to harass me because I look somehow, I can't be kidnapped, my brother, my sister, I'll take up that opportunity as fast as I can.
  • When you see pictures of some of your friends and relatives living the good life abroad, don't tell me you also don't desire the same opportunity to live the good, safe, colourful life. Getting the StudyPack today will bring you closer to achieving this as it will increase your chances of winning a scholarship to study in Sweden.
  • If you're married and you get admitted for Master's studies in Sweden, you can come along with your family to Sweden. Yes. They can come along with you. Your spouse will immediately have the right to work while you're studying. You also have the right to work while studying. Your children go to tuition free schools, funded by the government. They also get free lunches funded by the Swedish government. Healthcare is ridiculously cheap for anyone that'll be living in Sweden for at least one year. Imagine how grateful your kids will be to you after years of living and schooling in Sweden. They'll be grateful to you for life.
  • And if you're single, Sweden has a lot of beautiful blonde Scandinavian ladies earnestly looking to date a young, good-looking African man like you. This is from personal experience. When I got admitted for Master's in Sweden, I got in contact with another Nigerian who got admitted for studies in the same university as me, Linköping University. Shortly after we arrived Sweden and started studies, I heard that my guy had already found himself a young pretty Swedish girl. 
  • And you know the interesting thing?
    You're eligible for the Swedish passport after 3 years of marriage to a Swedish person.
    And the Swedish passport, being the 6th most powerful in the world, grants you visa-free travel to 154 countries including Canada, the UK, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Italy, etc.

So, do you think it's worth it?

Now, let's find out if you're eligible to apply for it

  • Work experience of at least 3000 hours is required. Which is equivalent to 1 and a half years of working for 8 hours per day. Your 6-months internship and 1-year national service (NYSC) should be able to cover for this.
  • Leadership experience which has no minimum hour requirement.
    If you’ve had any leadership experience from university, that qualifies too. I used my leadership experience from my university fellowship to apply for this scholarship.
  • A Bachelor's degree is required to apply for Master's in Sweden. You can apply with a combination of HND and Bachelor's degree. But, HND alone is not sufficient.

What if you're still in university or still in national service?

You can still join us to learn how you should be preparing for when you're ready to apply.

What does this Class involve?

Monthly Group Coaching Calls

Value: ₦25,000 - GHC375 - $65

This involves group live meetings on Zoom between me and you and all other members of the class every month from now till February 2022. I'll be sharing insights with you about what you need to be doing now to prepare ahead.

You'll also have the opportunity to ask questions about any topic about Master's studies in Sweden and receive immediate support and guidance.

During these coaching calls, we'll also explore other topics like the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, PhD in Sweden, Master's studies in Canada, and other countries.

 Membership of The Over 3000-member Scholars.Africa Online Support Group

Value: ₦15,000 - GHC225 - $39 

  • This group offers you a platform where you can post your questions daily and receive support from a recipient of the scholarship who has been in your shoes and receive answers to any question you have about living and studying in Sweden, and applying for the scholarship.
  • You'll be in a community of serious applicants just like you.
  • You'll learn from the successes and failures of others.
  • You'll share strategies and tips for success with one another.

I'll also be sending you the Relocate To Sweden StudyPack which is a collection of an ebook, a workbook and 7 video lessons to serve as instructional resources and guides you can use to prepare along with us.

It includes:

eBook: 12 Things You Must Know To Win A Full Master's Scholarship In Sweden

Value: ₦10,000 - GHC150 - $26

This PDF eBook is the most comprehensive guide you'll ever find anywhere on winning the Swedish Institute Scholarship. It talks about the 12 things you must know before you even try to apply for the scholarship.

Motivation Letter Workbook

Value: ₦8000 - GHC120 - $21

This is a Workbook on how to draft a winning motivation letter for the Swedish scholarship. A practical workbook where I take you by the hands to craft a winning motivation letter that will attract a second look at your profile at the Scholarship Office.


55 minutes of video tutorial on how to apply on the Swedish admissions website

Value: ₦13,000 - GHC195 - $34

This video tutorial will show you how I created an account on the University Admissions website, how I filled the forms and uploaded documents.


47 minutes of video tutorial on how to apply on the Swedish scholarship website.

Value: ₦12,000 - GHC180 - $31

In this video, I demonstrate how to create an account on the scholarship portal, how to fill the pages of the online form and questionnaire appropriately and how to upload the application documents.


1 hour 13 mins of video tutorial on how to fill the motivation letter template.

Value: ₦18,000 - GHC270 - $47

How do you answer the questions in the motivation letter template for the scholarship? How do you draft your words? This video will show you how.


1 hour 11 mins of video tutorial on how to fill the CV template.

Value: ₦17,000 - GHC255 - $44

What about the CV template? How do you fill in your details? Which information should you fill in and how should you do it? This video shows you how.


1 hr 55 mins of video tutorial on how the reference letter should be filled.

Value: ₦18,000 - GHC270 - $47

If you want to know how the reference letters should be filled, you need to get this video.


1 hr 08 mins of video tutorial on how the proof of work and leadership experience forms should be filled.

Value: ₦12,000 - GHC180 - $31

In this video, I demonstrate using a sample, what the scholarship expects from you in terms of the content.


30 minutes of video tutorial on how to select the right combination of Master's programmes that will increase your chances of winning the scholarship.

Value: ₦10,000 - GHC150 - $26

So, the TOTAL value of this coaching program is:

₦158,000 - GH₵ 2400 - $415

If you're going to be paying ₦158,000 to be coached to win a scholarship that can add ₦20 million of value to your life, not to talk of the many opporunities that will open up because of you studying in Europe,

Do you think it's worth it?

But, you won't be paying ₦158,000 - GH₵ 2400 - $415


 ₦18,950 - GH₵ 295 - $49

Deadline to join the Class is in 24 HOURS.

Deadline to enroll for this Class is in:

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You missed out!

Members of Our Previous Classes Who Have Won This Scholarship


Elizabeth, from Kenya
(Admitted for Master's Programme in International Business at Luleå University)

I dedicate this scholarship to God. In Oct 2018, I learnt about the scholarship from Facebook. I faithfully studied the 2 most important websites and this did wonders to my application being successful. Mobolaji's  emails were quite helpful and the live video demos. I am eternally grateful to him for all the support especially on pointing out common mistakes and giving valuable tips! Thank God for you!

Olumide, from Nigeria

Another member of of my coaching community from the 2020 class, Olumide Owowa, from Nigeria, has this to say. He won the scholarship for the Business Administration Master's Programme at Kristianstad University, Kristianstad, Sweden.


Winnie, from Uganda
(Umeå University, Umeå, Sweden)

Mobolaji played a very a big role in the success of my application given the fact that I had tried twice and not succeeded. He made the process a lot easier, however it is only easy when you follow instructions, do the assignments he gives and by being proactive.


Moses, from Ghana
(Swedish Agricultural University, Uppsala, Sweden)

The year 2020 was my second time of applying for the SI scholarship and lo and behold, I was selected. I was among the 329 applicants (with 17 being Ghanaians) selected out of the over 6,640 applicants. Look, here I am with my belief that I can fly.

Mobolaji Folorunso's coaching really helped me; it was an eye opener. As I said earlier on, I constructed and framed very good sentences on my documents but none of those won me the SI scholarship in 2019.

If you join the Class TODAY, I'm adding the following BONUS!!!


A 4 part email course on how to position yourself for a job/PhD in Sweden after studies

In this email course that will be delivered over 1 week, I will share with you 4 FOUR detailed email newsletters on how you can start positioning yourself for a job/PhD and settlement in Sweden before you finish Master's studies. These are the topics of the email newsletters:

  • TWO Legal Pathways From Master's Studies To Swedish Citizenship
  • How To Get A Job In Sweden After Master's Studies
  • How To Apply For Work Permit In Sweden
  • How To Get PhD Placement In Sweden Immediately After Master's Studies


Relocate to CANADA StudyPack:

In this series of 9 NINE video lessons, we explore two major sources of funding your Master's studies in Canada, namely: the MasterCard Scholarship and Graduate Teaching/Research Assistantships. We discussed:

  • How To Select The Right Master's Programmes
  • How To Write Convincing Personal Statement/Statement of Purpose
  • How to Write Convincing Statement of Research Interest
  • How To Contact Potential Research Supervisors for funding/Teaching Assistantship/Research Assistantship
  • How To Craft A Solid CV for the Application
  • How To Submit Your Application On Each University's website
  • How To Submit Your Application for the MasterCard Scholarship at McGill University
  • How To Submit Your Application for the MasterCard Scholarship at University of British Columbia

WAIT! There's more!

You thought I was done with you?

In order to help you expand your options of which country to study in, I'm adding the following mind-blowing BONUS!!!


How To Craft Convincing Essays For CHEVENING Scholarship and Submit Your Application

Oh. That's NOT ALL!

To sweeten this offer for you, I'm adding this final BONUS if you purchase this offer NOW!

The Scholars.Africa Monthly Learn & Win Challenge

This is a monthly quiz competition for all members of the class that tests your knowledge of the whole SI Scholarship application process.

1st PRIZE: $110 for your Master's admission application fee for Sweden.

This will be paid by us for you when the application starts in October.

Note that this BONUS only applies if you join this CLASS NOW!

Joshua, Olaiwola and Lovelace were members of the 2020 Class who won 1st prize in the May, June and August 2020 editions of the quiz competition.

When you look at it very well, you're not losing in any way if you join this class.

You get an opportunity to win $110 for your application fee.

And even if you don't win in one month's edition, you still have other months' editions to try for till October 2021.

And even if you don't win at all, you're still not losing in any way.

By the time applications start in October, you would have been so knowledgeable about the whole process that you'll know how to present a successful application.

But, to clear all your doubts, I'm adding a 

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Meaning, if within 30 days of joining this Class, you are not satisfied with what you've experienced, you're entitled to a FULL 100% refund. Just send us an email to ([email protected]) and we'll refund every single penny of what you spent to join this Class. 

How To Join The 2021 Scholarship Prep Class

This offer is only available till TONIGHT, 7PM GMT, after which enrollment will be closed.



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Mobolaji Bukola Folorunso

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