black lives matter
When you’re trying to relocate to another country as a black person, one question to ask is how racist the host country is towards us, black people. We cannot say, because we’re tired of situations in our country and in our honest search for better life, we fall into the hands of people that hate […]
Let me ask a question… The first time you thought of applying for scholarships abroad, what was the first thing that came to your mind after that? Now, if you were like me that finished with a Second Class grade, the first thing that would come up is… “Am I qualified with this Second Class […]
During the process of applying for Master’s studies in Sweden, you’ll come across what the University Admissions calls General Requirements and Specific Requirements. You’ve probably seen this when you visited the University Admissions website and you might have been confused about what they meant by those terms. What are the general requirements and where can […]
daad scholarship
So, yesterday, after our webinar on the DAAD Scholarship for Master’s studies in Germany with Great Udochi, I discovered that I had made an unbelievable and what I believe should be an unforgivable mistake. I forgot to tick the option to record the webinar. Can you just believe that? Exactly, it’s unbelievable. How on earth […]
reference letter
Reference letters are VERY crucial components of different kinds of applications, from job applications, to applications for admissions and scholarship. There’s a reason why. And if you grasp why reference letters are very important, you’ll understand what it takes to secure a really strong reference letter for your Master’s admissions application and/or scholarship application. And […]
cost of studying in sweden
How many times has cost been a major deciding factor for you when choosing a place to study? I’m sure it’s almost every time. And it’s the smart thing to do when considering where to study. You have to consider how much the application fee is, how much the tuition fee is and if you […]