Breakdown Of The Application Process For Master’s In Sweden

So, in this article, I’m going to share with you a step by step breakdown of the Master’s application process in Sweden.

This is particularly important at this moment because the next Master’s application will start in October, and you need to start preparing now if you want to apply.

I’ll also do a breakdown of how much the entire application costs.

Then, I’ll briefly talk about how the COVID-19 pandemic could affect the next application period.

Let’s go…

First, we start with this diagram.

The picture above shows a breakdown of how Master’s application in Sweden has been in previous years.

So, it is safe to say that, this is how the next application period will most likely look like.

✅There are usually two application periods in Sweden; Spring application period and Autumn application period.

The Spring application period usually starts in June, while the Autumn application round starts in October.

But, most Master’s programmes are only available for admission in the Autumn application period.

Also, if you’re going to be applying for the Swedish Institute Scholarship, the scholarship is only available for Master’s programmes in the Autumn application period.

So, I assume that you’re going to be applying in the Autumn application round.

And the Autumn application round has never failed to start in October in previous years.

✅The Autumn Master’s application period usually ends in the middle of January, most times, January 15, while the deadline to submit your application documents and pay your application fee is usually the first or second day of February, or even third. 

Now, what’s the difference between the deadline for applying and the deadline for submitting documents/paying application fee?

The deadline for applying is the last day for you to select all the Master’s programmes you want on the University Admissions website.

In Sweden, you select and apply for the Master’s programmes you want first before submitting supporting documents and paying the application fee.

The Master’s application fee, paid directly to University Admissions in Sweden, is SEK 900 (about 35,000 naira, 525 Ghana cedis, $90), and that one fee covers 4 FOUR different choices of Master’s programmes.

You’re not paying SEK 900 four times, you’re only paying once.

✅Between the first week and second week of February, the application for the Swedish Institute Scholarship starts, and traditionally, the scholarship application usually lasts for about 10 days in February.

But, is that enough time to apply for the scholarship?


Because by November/December of the previous year, the Swedish Institute would have started announcing how the application would be carried out and what documents to submit.

✅By April, the list of admitted students by University Admissions and list of winners of the scholarship are released.

Now, let’s go to how much the whole application usually costs.

✅ As I said earlier, the admission application fee is SEK 900 (about 35,000 naira, 525 Ghana cedis, $90).

✅ The Swedish Institute Scholarship application is FREE.

✅ Any additional cost introduced by your university to send your transcript to Sweden.

This is particularly for candidates that studied in Nigeria. University Admissions requires candidates who studied in Nigeria to have their transcripts sent directly by their university, either by email or by post.

And most Nigerian universities usually demand fees to send transcripts.

For candidates who studied in Ghana, Kenya, they can simply upload their transcripts themselves.

So, how will COVID-19 affect the upcoming application period?

In my own opinion, since the applications are done online, I don’t see the application timetable changing. If anything changes, I’ll inform you as soon as possible.

I hope this has been helpful.


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