EXCLUSIVE REVEAL: For The Very First Time, 3 THREE Members of Our Coaching Community Who Won Full Master's Scholarships In Sweden On Friday, April 24, 2020, Share The Strategies They Used To Win This Prestigious Scholarship!

In the next few paragraphs, I'm going to share with you the stories of 3 members of our coaching network from Nigeria, Ghana and Uganda, who just won full scholarships for Master's studies in Sweden, on Friday April 24, 2020.

And I want you to listen carefully to their stories because it could literally change your life just as theirs is changing before their very eyes as a result of winning this scholarship.

Note that this scholarship will pay for their full tuition fees, they'll receive monthly allowances throughout their studies in Sweden and they'll be reimbursed for their travel expenses to Sweden as soon as they arrive this beautiful Scandinavian country of blondes.

As you're following their stories, you'll discover that they have similar experiences, stories and profile as yours.

The first scholarship recipient is Olumide Owowa from Nigeria. He won the scholarship for the Business Administration Master's Programme at Kristianstad University, Kristianstad, Sweden.

Let's hear from him.

The second person sharing their story is Moses G., from Ghana. He won the SI Scholarship for the Animal Science Master's Programme at Swedish Agricultural University, Uppsala, Sweden.

Moses G., from Ghana

I want to share my experience with African citizens and of course all people interested in the SI scholarship.

Last year early 2019, I had admission to SLU University in Sweden and I therefore applied for the said scholarship but was not selected.

The result was released on the 23rd April 2019 and I couldn’t find my application number. That didn’t discourage me though, I gathered momentum, told myself that I believe I can fly.

The year 2020 was my second time of applying for the SI scholarship and lo and behold, I was selected. I was among the 329 applicants (with 17 being Ghanaians) selected out of the over 6,640 applicants. Look, here I am with my belief that I can fly.

MY EXPERIENCE IN THE COACHING PROGRAM ORGANIZED - By Folorunso Mobolaji. This program has really helped me; it was an eye opener.

Here were the challenges I actually faced last year and I overcame through the coaching program.

  • Difficulty in working with the templates such as separating parts of the templates from the instructions or splitting and combining the PDF documents. Due to that I made photocopies of documents that shouldn’t have been photocopied before separating them. Eg. The CV template.
  • Difficulty in making meaningful points in the limited spaces provided as some templates have word and character limit.
  • Difficulty in maintaining the formatting of the CV template. There are some things, if you don’t know, you don’t know, yes!! This place was my biggest downfall last year. As I type or copy and paste in the CV template, the formatting is altered, without knowing what to do. Please, there is an instruction on the CV template that says ‘’You may not alter the formatting of the template nor create new categories or headings in the template. Alterations will render your application ineligible’’. I was actually more than the word SERIOUS at this particular instruction in the 2020 application.


  • I entreat you to make use of figures, percentages, or numbers in your write ups. Eg. ‘’…to help increase livestock production by 45%, poultry by 300% and generate employment for over 4 million youths and women in the livestock sector’’.
  • Try to edit your work from time to time, not once, twice or thrice, all the time before submission. That was what I did, at least I see a word to correct anytime.

The third person sharing their story is Winnie Apolot, from Uganda. She won the SI Scholarship for the Public Health Master's Programme at Umeå University, Umeå, Sweden.

Winnie Apolot, from Uganda

A wealth of new knowledge to learn from; the diverse community, the new personal and professional networks built, cultural interaction and learning from different perspective and aspects that will definitely enhance my career and personal life is what compelled me to seek for a study abroad.

My journey to attaining a Swedish scholarship started in 2017 when I applied to the Swedish Institute and later applied for the scholarship.

As it is, most applicants meet the University admission criteria that we end up getting university offers for program applied for.

However, scholarship application is so specific in its requirements. I carried out assessment of all the application documents and filled them as expected but I wasn’t accepted.

I did the same for 2018 and still didn’t go through. Every time I applied I thought yeah my application was good enough.

Question is where did I go wrong? What can I do to change the approach because giving up wasn’t an option for me. 

I will be lying if I said giving up didn’t occur to me given the fact that you spend money to get it all done, actually it did. In 2018 I told myself am trying one more time and if I don’t go through, that’s it and indeed I didn’t make it.

I used to receive emails from Mobolaji after I had submitted my first application and during my second application.

But because I have trust issues, I didn’t trust the legitimacy or the authenticity of his coaching.

In 2019, decided to give it one more try, that is when I decided to sign up for coaching sessions administered by Mr. Mobolaji Folorunso.

During these sessions, I realized that regardless of the fact that I met the criteria or requirements, connecting the dots and the approach can be very challenging which I missed in my first two attempts.

Mobolaji played a very a big role in the success of my application given the fact that I had tried twice and not succeeded.

He made the process a lot easier, however it is only easy when you follow instructions, do the assignments he gives and by being proactive.

This even became easier when he offered to pay my admission fee which was very convenient for me in terms of the payment deadline and bank transfer fees.

He was very supportive and gave prompt response not to mention the fact that he was always available to answer, clarify, suggest preferable approaches, review and correct my work.

It was a process of continuous development and aligning of my work to have a cordial flow.

You may ask yourself why sign up for coaching yet I can follow instructions and do the paper work by myself?. 

Well these coaching lessons guided me into using different approach in my application; the webinars on how to fill in the different forms and Q&A sessions made me realize a lot of aspects that I had missed out in my previous applications.

This coaching isn’t about spoon feeding you, Mobolaji coaches you into owning your work through, nurturing you to conceptualize your story into what is needed by the scholarship application.

The other advantage of this coaching is that I got to interact with other applicants and learn from the different perspectives and views.

My advice is; never give up, patience pays, commit your time and energy into this like it’s all you got.

After my first two attempts I learnt that early preparation is key and that is what I embraced in my last application. If I made you can too. I don’t regret signing up for coaching with Mobolaji.

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